Maggie Marcum: Living Life to its Fullest

Maggie Marcum is a writer and story teller whose goal is to help other singles, especially baby boomers and the echo boomers,  to discover their mission and to transform their lives into purposeful living. Through the telling of her own life journey, she seeks to inspire and motivate others to begin their own journey of healing and spiritual growth.

Maggie is a single mom with an adult daughter. Her life journey has taken her through many difficult situations as the daughter of an alcoholic, a family living with domestic violence,  a survivor of child sexual abuse, a spouse of an addict who died from his addictions, and a strong-willed woman who ultimately came to seek God’s truth and grow spiritually. In her failures and missteps, God has always given her the strength and courage to find the way forward. Her journey is new everyday and every day God peels back another layer for her to see what he has done and what he continues to do in her life.

Today she uses the skills she learned  to motivate others to understand God’s purpose for their lives in all they do. She holds a BS in Organizational Leadership and is trained as a Life Coach and Spiritual Director. Her primary focus is on singles and baby boomers.  She believes we are all individuals in need of a personal relationship with God and a relationship with others. She recently launched Gifted Singleness, a Christ-based community for singles in all stages of spiritual exploration and single through all circumstances.

She can be reached at

1 thought on “Maggie Marcum: Living Life to its Fullest

  1. And here you are! Beauty in cyberspace! You have a wonderful website, Maggie. Looking forward to reading more as the weeks and months unfold before us both. Many blessings, and may God grant the increase. ❤

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