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Fighting Rest


It was finally vacation time. I haven’t taken time off since I went back to work nine months ago.

I came to rest. I came with family to rest…

And we fought it for days.

It is so difficult anymore to just stop, unplug, and enjoy the beauty around us without scheduling “things” to do. Even when we finally stopped, it was hard to sit still for very long. We needed to keep moving: float in the lazy river, work a puzzle, check our phones, or randomly electronically check on work. We just needed to be “doing.”

Transformation Stories

Happy in Our Own Skin

It has been a while since I felt like myself.

It has been a while since I felt I was hearing God.

It has been a while since I was willing to listen.

I was asking and He was showing me and I was refusing.

And I was isolating and avoiding the life I was once very excited and happy about.

Not today!!

I keep wanting to make things too complicated. I keep letting others say negative things about my calling and letting their voice win out over what I am so convicted I should be doing.

Today I am casting those negative voices and people out of the roles of influence and distractions from a ministry that people I  respect have said I need to do.

If you find yourself in the position of thinking you have heard a direction from God, I strongly suggest you meet with a small group of people you trust and ask them to pray with you. Then share with them what you have heard  and ask them to let you know honestly and prayerfully if they are in agreement.

There may be one or two who don’t understand or agree; in those cases be sure to ask if it is a personal or a God disagreement. Sometimes jealously may enter the equation. Sometimes we view things through what we ourselves would be comfortable doing rather than making it about the person who hears the call. Therefore make wise decisions in who you call as your inner core to meet and pray with you.

And finally. If you have heard a direction from God and those you trust confirm what you have heard Get Moving!!

Don’t do what I did and let things slip away. I have struggled with an unease for months and in the past few days all of it is gone. I have excitement back in my life. I see God more clearly in everything around me. I have less fear and more hope.I am more of who I am than when I am without direction. 


 God has given each of you a gift. Use it to help each other. This will show God’s loving-favor. If a man preaches, let him do it with God speaking through him. If a man helps others, let him do it with the strength God gives. So in all things God may be honored through Jesus Christ. Shining-greatness and power belong to Him forever. Let it be so.

1 Peter 4:10-11 New Life Version (NLV)Copyright © 1969 by Christian Literature International