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Living to our Fullest

Today I had the privilege of helping out at a sports camp our church is hosting for the youth in our neighborhood. I was impressed by the number of high school- and college-age volunteers that gave up their time at the pool or sleeping in late to hang out with a bunch of kids and play soccer in the heat. And then there were the men and women who took personal/vacation days to volunteer on the field and around the camp. What really impressed me though was the 50 plus gang that showed up—especially the 60/70 year-old crowd that were running around the field with the kids.

This was my first year volunteering with the camp. I decided it was time I took some of my own advice and serve in an area that I enjoy—kids and snacks!! What I didn’t expect was to see so many of our senior members out in the heat playing games with these precious children. They were such an inspiration to me and I can only imagine the lasting impression they will leave on the camp children and our own young adults. You see, it is never too late to live our lives giving to others. These blessed souls are truly embracing the concept of living life to its fullest.

As I walked around the camp today I kept thinking how wonderful it was to see this intergenerational group come together for a common purpose. They were joking with each other and keeping an eye on each other. The youths were actually concerned that their more senior partners might be over doing. At the same time the senior squad was making sure the youngers were hydrating and cooling down when we came inside. I think there was a real appreciation for the gifts and talents every person brought to the camp. It was a gift to watch this interaction.

My take away from today? We are never too old or too young to get out there and give our time for the benefit of others. Some of these children would never have had an opportunity to go to camp this summer. But for one week they were able to come to their school and attend camp for free—oh and learn about God and God’s love in the process. I am convinced that as the volunteers blessed the lives of these young people, God has returned the blessing to them.

Well done good and faithful servants. You are living life to its fullest and encouraging others in the process.


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