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Making Perfect Days

Each one of us has a different version of the “perfect day” and some days simply turn out to be “perfect” without even trying. For me that day usually means I have spent time with people. As an extrovert on the Myers Briggs, I need a dose of people to feel energized. I’m not a strong “E,” so the introvert in me also loves a day spent home recharging. I have found that I need people in my life and I need to reach out and touch someone daily. Thank goodness for social media and texting which makes it easier to feel as if I am connected, even on those days I stay home.

August is drawing to a close and many of my readers are sending their children back to school and thinking that the lovely perfect days of summer are coming to a close. Some of you have sent your young adults off to college. Still others have helped their older adults move into new homes as they take off on their own journey of life. We may become nostalgic and a bit sad as our children move on and away from us, especially if we are single parents. But isn’t this what we planned for all their lives?

It’s that cycle of life that we parents pedal through on our own drive to aging. I think the trick is to build new connections to replace the ones we are losing as our children become- more independent each year. As school-age parents, most of our friends probably have something to do with the activities of our children. As parents of college-age children we may keep the bedroom free and our lives on hold, because they are in and out of our homes. As parents of grown self-sufficient adults we may hang on to their lives and continue to interact with them as they grow their own families. All this to say:

We as parents may need to look at our own lives, our own interests, and our own journey with others.

What is YOUR perfect day as an adult?

  •  If you are an adult child—what do you like to do that isn’t directed by your family and parent’s interests?
  • As a parent, what do you enjoy other than the things that are driven by your child’s activities?
  • What do you love to do that you haven’t done because of the demands of your family?
  • What could you do this weekend that you haven’t done in forever?

How do you paint your perfect day? You don’t need anyone but yourself to make the day great. Call a friend you never really get to spend time with and go out. Call someone you always wanted to get to know and get to know them. Go out by yourself and check out that museum or park where you can breathe in the glory of God’s creation. You have control over what you can do to make your perfect day, with friends, family, or yourself.

Happy Weekend!!



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