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New Year Wishes

Dear Friends,

I have been away for a while. My life journey has taken me to places I never planned to go and as I start the New Year, I wonder how many of you have found yourself where you never imagined. Maybe you didn’t accomplish everything you thought you would in 2015. Maybe your life circumstances changed and turned your world on its head. Or maybe things went in an unexpected positive direction and you are still amazed by the blessing in your life.

Whatever the circumstances of 2015, we have no choice but to move forward. Like it or not, the world keeps moving on and we move with it. We have choices in this New Year. We can dig our heels in and hang tightly to what was or we can embrace the past as part of our future and move forward. We can look at what we deem as failures from the year before and turn them into goals for the coming year. We can put a positive spin on our obstacles as the things from which we learn and upon which we will improve.

My life shifted in many ways. I received a call to begin a ministry for singles. My role in our women’s ministry expanded. I was blessed with some wonderful new friendships. I also became involved with blogging about my favorite sport (hockey) and my favorite team (Washington Capitals) and with my daughter, launched a new blog. And I started a new full-time job, stepping out of retirement and into the workforce again. For me, the greatest challenge I have is managing all these things and determining how to prioritize my day. Never before can I recall a time in my life when I felt more peace and excitement about the future.

But it wasn’t always that way and I do still have my struggles. I have made some financial decisions and my debt is a bit scary right now with school loans and car payments. But I have a new job which I believe came from a commitment to tithe and prayers for a way out. It isn’t what I planned, but I am trusting that God knows best and embracing it. I didn’t lose the 50 pounds I had planned to get rid of, but I learned what works for me and know that it is up to me to commit to change. I learned more about praying this year and how to ask for prayer. It has changed everything. I have felt distant from my family and am forging new connections with some of them.provide

As you look back remember to look forward. Take what you have learned from your struggles as well as your accomplishments and build on them. Take time to pray and lean on God to provide for you. Take the steps you need to bring positive change. Don’t be afraid to ask others to help you sort it out. If you need help, contact a coach or a therapist who can guide you through the process. Be proactive in your life. And believe that God will be there as you journey forward.

Here’s to 2016!!  Make it the best year yet.


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